Rogers working on 10G

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Rogers working on 10G



What do you know about this?


According to this article,


Several cable companies, including Rogers and Shaw, are working to implement the new technologies


10G will leverage existing 1Gb network infrastructure and upgrade it with several new technologies. Further, 10G promises lower latency, higher capacity and greater security alongside faster speeds.

Read more at MobileSyrup.comNew technology platform to ramp gigabit networks to 10 gigabit speeds






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Re: Rogers working on 10G

I wanna know more on this.. Will this come to wireless service in Canada? When will the switch be?
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Re: Rogers working on 10G

Hello @JohnBeaudin & @cafekief

Article states It's a " distant reality". I give it 3/5yrs until it fully comes out and starts working properly.. I dount Rogers will want to try to start 10G when they just launched the 1Gigabit speeds and have issues with it already. Adding this will not only have bigger issue but will drive the cost higher and higher per month which i can tell u right now 80% of their customers won't be able to afford..

" Overall, 10G is an exciting prospect that’s still a distant reality. Gigabit internet is still relatively new in Canada and has yet to become the norm. That said, I find the potential of 10G exciting, and I’m looking forward to testing it when it does come to Canada."

Mind both of u, are you willing to pay $200+ for this per month? If 1Gigabit Internet speeds is $115 +taxes ( it was $150 when it first launched), u guys really think 10G is going to be lower or same price? Doubt it. They will charge you a arm and a leg for those speeds.

Many have discussed this on other threads on other forums and many have said the cost to have it here in Canada will be a arm and a leg. Especially knowing how they will try and make u get it within a bundle to get a cheaper price if need be.