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Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Rogers launched its new Online Banking Website today.  Unfortunately, there are a few issues that I noticed right away.


1. There doesn't appear to be a direct link to the "My Rewards" page showing how many reward points/$ you have.  It used to be on the "My Accounts" (or landing) page.

2. You used to be able to click on a particular transaction and it would show you details of that transaction like time of transaction, foreign exchange/currency if applicable, etc.  This is not currently available.

3. I tried to send a message but all I get is a "we're sorry" pop-up and the message is not sent. 

4. All of my previous messages/service requests are currently "lost" and are not available for viewing.

5. I did an "ask Ruby" and she said:


"We launched our new Online Banking experience for our customers today.  We have come across a few temporary performance issues, but our IT teams are aware and are working on a fix." Smiley Frustrated


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Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I Plan to Stick Around

I gave up waiting and switched all of my business purchases onto a different card.


The transaction details are now available but not sure if the OFX stuff is fixed yet. Too little too late in my opinion. The new website is still worse than the old one and much worse than the competition (I have RBC MC, TD Visa, and an Amex).

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I've Been Around

The website is still terrible.  Transactions sometimes don't show up or disappear for a few days at a time.  Pending transaction cluttering up the transaction history even after they've been processed.  I sent a complaint to RogersBankOmbudsman, hopefully something comes of it .

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I am a Rogers MasterCard customer and I use Microsoft Money. I have been in contact with them about the issues you mention and got a partial solution to some OFX download issues. I am still trying to get the sign reversal fixed. 

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I ended up coding a custom import routine for Rogers bank transactions. Things like this are why it's worth having control over the financial code base. Such incompetence. Tip for people using some other financial institutions who ditched OFX export (PCF, Tangerine, maybe more)... Quicken/QFX works pretty well since it's a superset of OFX. Rogers QFX is broken as well though.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I Plan to Stick Around

Rogers Bank Mastercard and Quicken


I was using the US version of quicken and Rogers card EWC was working perfectly. Now I changed to Canada version and the EWC is not working anymore. Even if I try to create a new account, it's like Rogers Bank is not supported IN CANADA!

This doesn't make absolutely any sense, they didn't even provide access to QIF file, only a poor CSV and OFX.


Why a US version all things works fine but not for a Canadian version?