Overhead wire relocation to new poles taking a year ?

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Overhead wire relocation to new poles taking a year ?

Our local PUC upgraded services to a new subdivision which required new utility pole installation right beside the old ones on both sides of my u shaped driveway at the street.The old poles were cut down about halfway in height and are to be removed as soon as the only remaining partner (ROGERS) gets around to relocating their services to the new poles. Both sets of poles are still in place which limits my ability to clear the snow or repair the landscaping. The new poles installation and service/streetlight relocation were completed in Q3 of 2020 but I'm told by Entegrus engineering that Rogers is notoriously slow to get their projects completed. I am hoping that someone can provide even an approximate timeline for them to get this done. If not can anyone suggest who to contact to ensure that Rogers hasn't forgotten about their obligations - it's going on a year since these poles were installed.

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Re: Overhead wire relocation to new poles taking a year ?

Hello and welcome to our Community @BillP1!


I would like to look into this matter for you to see if we can get you a definitive ETA as to when the relocation will take place.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.