New avenue for unresolved cable complaints.

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New avenue for unresolved cable complaints.

CRTC introduces new code to make sure TV providers treat customers right.





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Re: New avenue for unresolved cable complaints.

I did experience the wonderful experience of having a complete pdf listing of my channels with my chosen packages when I finalized my deal this week.  Haven't received a full contract yet - but I also haven't activated it by changing up the equipment at Rogers store.


And a new experience for me this time - I was working at customer service level (that is the only place I work now when it comes changes or end of contracts of any complexity and she advised me to do it only that way because of my long term loyalty.  She set an action plan to review my next bill when it comes out and confirm it for now surprises against all her detailed notes, and will send me an email to confirm it as I expected too.


So, seems to be some changes at the CS level.


One thing that surprised me was the general lack of knowledge of CCTS in the survey in the CBC story - only 20% - this is the reason why I constantly restate the escalation process to people with concerns when they come to the forums.


Some may not buy the need of the resource, but it is paid for by the telecoms and is independent and reports to CRTC.


And it will be interesting to hear if I ever have to move up through escalation (hope not to), that I hear the option of CCTS stated at the appropriate time.


And nice to see that CCTS is making it known that TV is now under their umbrella - it wasn't a few years back.


Thanks for the post - Bruce