Help!! Someone sold me a Nextbox Fraudulently

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Help!! Someone sold me a Nextbox Fraudulently

So I bought a Nextbox on Kijiji.

The woman advised me the box was owned and that she just switched to Bell. When I tried to set it up I called Rogers and they told me the box was a rental. I advised the seller and then she claims she’s on welfare and will have my money by months end. I was too kind and giving her that time. Now the woman doesn’t respond.

So I have this useless box which I can’t even activate.

So my question is; is there anything I can do? Will Rogers do anything (I know it’s a long shot).

Anybody been through this?

Should I go to the police? Is this a small claims court thing now?

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Help!! Someone sold me a Nextbox Fraudulently

not sure what else you can do, except put a police report but i doubt they would arrest the poor old lady.  they might take a report down in case it happens again but some things you can do as a buyer *before* you buy a used netbox, is call rogers cable csr, and give them the serial number of the box ,they can check if its rental or outright purchase.


another thing, the poor old lady should note is that by selling a rental box, when she cancels the box or her account and they ask for the equipment back, she will have to pay a penalty for non return of equipment so yeah she will also get a nice surprise bill in the mail.  


I dunno if u want to use that as leverage against her?  tell her to give you the money back or you will report her to rogers for selling rental equipment, but if she is poor and on welfare what is she doing switching to bell fibe? shes probably paying more now?

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Re: Help!! Someone sold me a Nextbox Fraudulently

@Deep23I'm afraid you're out of luck. I would imagine the woman already has unpaid Rogers bills and probably owes money all over the place. Rogers will be coming after her if they haven't already.


Elsewhere on this there is a list of steps to take when buying a used box to ensure it's not a rental or stolen.

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Re: Help!! Someone sold me a Nextbox Fraudulently

Yes, you're out of luck.  For future reference, here's the checklist of what you need to do when purchasing a used Rogers box:

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