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Connect for success

Hi I joined connect for success last December. I live in low income housing in Ottawa. Prior to December I had struggled to pay the full 90 for internet only. I cut services and didn't have internet for two months,it wasn't until I was complaining to a neighbor that she told me about connect for success. I was wondering would Rogers be willing to reimburse me for the two years prior?



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Re: Connect for success

Good afternoon @Paulinem,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!

I know how trying it can be to experience financial issues and I get why you are looking to obtain a credit on your previous invoices.


We're happy to hear you were able to benefit from the Connected for Success program.

Unfortunately, we wouldn't have the ability to adjust the bills that were generated before you signed up for it.


To discuss this further or to bring this up to the attention of a manager visit our Share a Concern page.