An alternative to Navigatr?

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Re: An alternative to Navigatr?

@Ellenbarb wrote:
...I'm Ellen Roseman...

Hello Ellen and welcome.   Be aware that the link in post 1 is regarding the FCC, which is in the US and has no immediate bearing on what happens in Canada.   There are several such previous "mandates" that applied to the US, but did not apply in Canada.  Examples include CableCARD, its newer version Tru2Way, and unencrypted local channels on Cable systems.


Just as an FYI, there's a good summary of the issues still plaguing Navigatr in the following thread.


And there's a "How To" guide, showing how unintuitive Navigatr is in the following "How To" thread:

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Re: An alternative to Navigatr?

@57  Thanks for clarifying that those initiatives are US.  My only point is that technology wise, these options are doable, and I am sure that many customers are completely unaware of these options.  I think an open discussion may lead to variations of these models in Canada.


Imagine how many of us would have gone out and bought a different box during the time that Navigtr has been in place since July, if we could use alternative boxes, authorized to the Rogers network.


My review of the past documents on these topics is that firstly the providers said there was no interest in going this model, there was no requests for it, and the CRTC was not seeing a large interest in it either.  But if people knew, they would take it to hearings and start asking about it, and the CRTC could directly ask the question too.


I can see that no company wants to go down this model - it would directly impact their control over revenue streams, and even in the states, the companies fought it, but the FCC said too bad.


But thanks for clarifying that none of these options are currently available in Canada and for the reference to the current issue lists.



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Re: An alternative to Navigatr?

Also consider the following summary of the company response to the original issues put together by @roxandtreez, and this is not even a complete list, as it was done in early August back when we thought maybe summarizing and providing solutions may speed the process up.


I will acknowledge though that research on the suppliers, Cisco, Videoscape, Technicolor, ANT, and Espial has suggested that Rogers has been dealing with a rapidly changing supplier and technical market.  Possibly if Canadian regulators and companies had considered a model where we could choose alternative devices, they could have had some leverage to deal with delivery of poorly implemented products, although there would probably be contractual considerations that also drove what happened.  But Rogers has never acknowledged this, while indirectly, Espial has commented on it to their shareholders.


Link to the summary list



Summary:  38 items - 8 fixed as suggested - most of these were bugs - 4 fixed somewhat, but with some remaining or new issues, 2 I didn't test, leaving 24 not dealt with.

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Re: An alternative to Navigatr?

Thanks for all the explanation and links, everyone.
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Re: An alternative to Navigatr?

Just had an overall thought on this as well..

While this may open/remove the rogers boxes from the equasion.. i would ASSUME that that it would still require every carrier to create their FRONT END apps for all the other platforms... that it needs to be able to connect to their back end, etc..

So you could just end up with Navigatr on another interface potentially... 😞

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Re: An alternative to Navigatr?

An update to the combined Internet TV issue - Bell is dropping that requirement in 2017, don't know whether they will play games with pricing, like is being done by all with channel packages and pick and pay, like raise the price for both services and make it a better deal to purchase both. Whatever happens, we can expect all the companies will not be far behind, but Bell has an up at the moment, they have the technology in place in most places in major centres anyway, and are pushing to increase their users from 2 million to 3 million in one year, so expect some really good deals coming down the tubes as full FTTH and full Gb becomes available to all customers where the backbones are already in place.
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