After 35+ Years I'm Parting (Most) Ways With Rogers Soon

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Re: After 35+ Years I'm Parting (Most) Ways With Rogers Soon

Datalink wrote:

@luna I hope you filed a complaint with the CRTC.  It might not help you directly at this point in time, but, if enough people complain, maybe the CRTC will take Bell and others to task for practices that allow them to avoid responsibility by abusing customers (putting it mildly) with their customer services practices. 

 Thanks for the suggestion and encouragement! I have not filed a complaint yet. I need to get my notes and thoughts together before I file a complaint. It was such a horrendous 6wks and so overwhelming that I actually got sick. 

I will file my complaint this month but I also need a day or a night to pull it all together.

But I must say that I really appreciate all the support and suggestions from everyone in this community. You all have helped me out so much and I am grateful!


' There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.'
Leonard Cohen
I'm Here A Lot
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Re: After 35+ Years I'm Parting (Most) Ways With Rogers Soon

pmcsplaza wrote:

@luna Sorry you've had such a bad experience.   I've had only good service from both Rogers and Bell.  Although here is hardly a place to discuss the latter.

I switched allegiance for Home Phone, Internet and TV simply because a) they offered me an Intro Offer that I couldn't refuse & b) less clutter with cables, boxes etc.

If Rogers offered home fibre-optic at an attractive price along with wireless receivers for satellite TV's I might switch back, who knows?

@pmcsplaza I glad you have had only good service from both! Since I've been back with Rogers the picture quality of my TV is as good if not better than Bell. Internet is great and no problems with home phone. With Bell my TV went out, home phone died and I kept loosing internet connection, but no messy cable wires etc! 

I hope you continue to enjoy your services with no problems. 

I am so happy with Rogers and I even like the newer remote that lights up! Bell's remote lit up too but I couldn't read it and it was so thin that it kept disappearing in my couch.

' There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.'
Leonard Cohen
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Re: After 35+ Years I'm Parting (Most) Ways With Rogers Soon

My couch too ;-)

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Re: After 35+ Years I'm Parting (Most) Ways With Rogers Soon

As most will see in my earlier posts, my family had made a decision to move on because of finances, and little to no movement.  We had not finalized our move as we decided to wait it out to the end of our contract in October.


Well, I called in this week to discuss the process for cancelling everything when it came time to make our switch to a wholesaler and move to cut the cord and go digital over the air.


We had planned to start everything in process next week, but decided to take one last attempt at seeing if attitude towards flexibility for existing customer packages had changed at all.


Well I am pleased to say that we did downsize our service on the TV side, and kept all other things the same and upgraded Internet, and by going down a tier in cable packages, locating the missing channels we like to watch and adding one bonus channel that replaced an important lost channel, and most of what we lost off premium, we didn't care.  We picked on add-on channel, and one movie package, and it is within our affordability.


Excellent support in going through all the channel mixes, what we would lose, and how to keep what we wanted, while getting the best price mix possible.


So, as they had told me, that there may be deals I was interested in the fall (last spring they told me this), and I have walked away quite happy.


So, I remain a loyal customer, saving a bit of money from before with less channels, but the channels we watch.


So the pick and pay model can work depending upon your mix.


Just passing on that it was worth taking one last crack at it before we moved on.


So outcome is that in the last 2 months, we adjusted our phone plans, reducing costs, and remixed out home services now.


Happy customer, Bruce

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Re: After 35+ Years I'm Parting (Most) Ways With Rogers Soon

Wow. I have only been with Rogers for a little more than 15 years. The first 10 were constant disappointment and frustration. Lately things seemed to have been improving. But for the last six months things seem to be going back to the way they used to be: constant billing errors. Looong hold times, unempowered front end service representives who can't fix much. Really getting ready to bite the bullet and move on. I know the others are probably similar but at least they seem interested in getting my business....
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