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? 4 Rogers: With Possible Verizon Takeover Of Yahoo - Any Plans For Change Of Email Provider?

I'm a trusted contributor

As the header states, it looks like Yahoo is for sale to the highest bidder.   I assume the heirarchy at Rogers are following this closely.

Although I have few problems with Rogers/Yahoo webmail, there have been some very annoying degradations in their service, such as no more "Forward and delete" for mail forwarding options, and annoying videos playing in empty mailboxes....those are blockable, along with most of the other ads.  But all in all their service is good.   If you lose mail, they are great at retreiving old deleted mail, for instance.  So all is not bad.


Re: ? 4 Rogers: With Possible Verizon Takeover Of Yahoo - Any Plans For Change Of Email Provider?



Hello, @pmcsplaza


Thank you for posting your inquiry in the Community Lounge. At this moment, we don't have any information regarding your query. Please stay tuned, we will update the Community as the information becomes available. 


I appreciate your continuous participation and contribution in the Community.  Have a great new year! Smiley Happy




Re: ? 4 Rogers: With Possible Verizon Takeover Of Yahoo - Any Plans For Change Of Email Provider?

I'm a senior advisor



At this point, Yahoo has not provided any media or corporate udates on the issues since December when they updated that the hack was much broader than they had expected.  Much can be found on the Internet talking about it, but it has both disappeared from the public eye and the news flow.


At this point, the only recommended actions are to change your passwords and follow strong password rules, monitor your email and computer using quality proven Antivirus and security protection software and use their two step authorization process, which differs from the typical two step process using your cell phone number.  It creates a new access code sent to your phone, which allows you to log onto that device as long as the cookie it creates exists.  You don't have to use the feature if it bugs you.


The most extreme response recommended that I have read is that we just close the account (not that easy when it is associated with your Rogers user email, but can be done - there is information here on that, or you can call into tech support or chat or do it here with @CommunityHelps through private messaging.


This will be my ultimate step after I transfer all my email I wish to keep, and move all my key email contact information for companies I deal with.


Personally, I don't expect that we are going to hear much more on this either from Rogers (who will not likely report anything unless Yahoo does that directly impacts Rogers services), or from Yahoo, unless some action externally forces them to have to communicate more information.


They claim at this point that the indiviudal account holders have been notified, but that was before the last announcement.


so as they said, if they hear anything I am sure they will report it, but doesn't hurt to ask once in a while.



Re: ? 4 Rogers: With Possible Verizon Takeover Of Yahoo - Any Plans For Change Of Email Provider?

I've been here awhile

I learned about the Yahoo hacks from the news - never from Rogers. If I knew which provider to switch to I would do it in a blink.  Bell is out! I am an Apple user for all devices so this password issue has not applied - or so they say. I have minimal trust left.  I would be totally flummoxed in dealing with the change. My sister London and has never been told about the change and would have to hire someone to do it for her, assuming Rogers ever told her.


I am taking my cue from others in this forum and am starting to inform all contacts to use one of my other email addresses. They all flow into the account so I won't delete it but will stop using that email address.  If Yahoo is sold, it won't matter as Rogers is who I deal with - at least once a month! 


I am grateful for everyone in this forum as I get more info here from the provider I pay. Thanks for sharing your questions and knowledge with people like me who are long time users but lack the technical expertise.

Re: ? 4 Rogers: With Possible Verizon Takeover Of Yahoo - Any Plans For Change Of Email Provider?

I'm a senior advisor

@evsteinberg  You are so right, if we didn't have this forum, we would not know much of what is going on with our services.


You have probably seen the other thread on the change - over.  After posting, testing every client I could get my hands on, and many variations of setting things up, I finally was comfortable to know how to do it, but still can't explain it well.


The steps provided by Rogers for the change over are actually dead on as to what has to be done, but they muddied the waters by using technical language like OAuth which is the old standard, not OAuth2, so people who did a search on that began to wonder is Yahoo along with Rogers using an outdated and method of security and authorization, or was it the new one.  We have asked, but never been clarified.  So we still don't really know.


As I mentioned in my post above you, after reading it, what we got was the 2 step authorization model that Yahoo provided almost a year ago, but they did not force the implementation by allowing you to opt out by declaring that you take the risk of using less secure apps.  They also had two types of authorization going on, along with the old method of the chosen password.


So as I suggested, Rogers spoke only when they decided to take on the Yahoo model, which then created more confusion as they chose to take a different model than Yahoo had provided of authorization choices, and the administration pages.


So another layer of confusion was created.


Then the next confusion was that the implementation to turn it on was delayed - don't know if it is on yet - I am one of the lucky ones who don't need to do anything, but I did go beyond Rogers recommendation that if you did not have one of the few apps they supported, to go to the manufacturer.  So I like a few others did the work and did the testing, and did our best to communicate the steps for unsupported.


Like as if thunderbird, pegasus, old versions of Outlook that are no longer supported by Microsoft are going to be of any help.  You would have to do as I and others did, read through the muddy waters of help and support pages (Thunderbird was the biggest challenge for me and some others because there was no simple method to find to just put the passkey in - it is there, but not well documented and I probably went through about 10 forum threads before I found it) - then as I was so confused by it all, when I tried to explain it, I confused some people more, and fortunately, some took my confusing instructions and cleaned them up and improved it (thanks again to the forum, no thanks to Rogers).  Neither Yahoo, nor Thunderbird (keep in mind thunderbird is open source Mozilla projects), so they support each other as the product is free. but neither of them could answer it, and the solutions spun in many different directions before I found the method that Rogers told us to do (put in the passkey in the password box and safe it).


And then that whole discussion of what is a passkey versus a password (I still mix the words up and confuse myself and others) upset people because they wanted to know how they are supposed to remember that passkey because they refuse to save it for security of their email - so I and others tried to educate that they need to change their security methods to lock the computer at the user level so you keep people out, that rather than using the password for your email security level, you now provide individual user access to your computer (home computers are often shared after all).


Rogers never mentioned or commented on this legitimate security concern, again we did it.


So you are following the best advise, dump Yahoo and Rogers Yahoo completely and get onto a different email platform, say like gmail, or what ever you prefer.


So I speak for the whole forum group that supported on this topic, we are glad to be of your assistance, and appreciate the thanks.



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