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Re: Re-designing the community

There has been a number of us from in this group that I know have thought of/wanted too. Main reason myself for not so far is because of the lack of editing.

The bridged mode as an example.
Someone comes in and posts a problem, that there is a tech post that one of us has created that can be linked to to give more info/instructions.
Likely wouldn't really need any responses to it, in general. (Unless someone wants to add info on additional say hardware for the topic)

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Re: Re-designing the community



I will respond to each of your questions in turn:


A: current thinking is that these postings would be authored by Forum members, either individually, or as a cooperative group/committee.  However, I would encourage Rogers personnel with particular technical specialties/customer support interests to participate as well.  Gdkitty, myself and others had some discussion on doing a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide".  This discussion began January 2013 and the results to date can be found here:


The original concept was to create a complete "Guide" for each type of Rogers cable modem/router combo.  In order to do this rigorously a pre-release version of these documents would need to be reviewed for technical correctness and the removal of typos.  This would be an iterative process, probably done by committee, and done before formal release to the Forum at large.


Even after formal release, I think you will agree that practical experience proves that actual user experience with such a guide will lead to the requirement for edits and revisions to handle unanticipated issues as well as other types of inevitable glitches.


B: Depending on the size and complexity of the "project" it may require quite a bit of back and forth banter, both at the pre-release review stage as well as at the post-release Forum participant reaction phase.


C: The idea for such a posting could be initiated in the fecund minds of any of us.  The gestation process will proceed apace as a result of repeated Forum postings on the same or similar issues (e.g., the constant issues being experienced by Rogers customers with WiFi).


Birth of the idea will occur when one or the other of us realizes that rather than constantly posting basically the same set of instructions/suggestions over and over again, it would be much more effective, pre-emptive or pro-active to generate a posting that does the job once and for all.  And then there will be the birthing pangs of actually generating whatever text will be required to address the basic issue.  But in this case, we can actually have a baby by committee!  Hopefully she will be a good-looking baby when all is said and done.


My personal experience with numerous technical Forums and Blogs indicates that there are lots of good, even excellent examples out there which could be used for guidance.  I understand that not all available options would be open to exploitation, if only for practical reasons.


But the basic objectives should first be defined as a "Functional Specification" based on whatever objectives Rogers wishes to achieve with this approach.


My industry experience tells me that increased customer satisfaction and reduced support costs are the usual suspects in such an exercise.  Indirect results desired would be improved corporate reputation and increased market penetration.


And, we need to define what really is the Project?




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Re: Re-designing the community

hey guys,


okay ... i did some digging and i'm back ...  🙂


so, as you probably know, the community runs on the Lithium platform.  so, i spent some time chatting with lithium over the last little while.  


there is indeed blogging functionality that might address what you're looking for.  so, instead of posting the info in a thread, the info would be displayed in a blog.  collecting/editing the info could still be done in a thread if that works.  permissioning for the blog is something we'd have to figure out ... i.e. could any/all users post a blog?  (not a very good idea).  could we grant permissions to just the community leaders?  (sure ... but i'd like to do this with an 'official' launch of the community leader program)  or, could users author the blog and then submit to the mods/myself to have it published?  (also an option).  blogging is definitely something i'll look into.   


now, regarding the whole thing about threaded discussions ... the platform does allow for a threaded view BUT only the subject is displayed.  if you're interested ... go to my settings > display > format for displaying posts > list by topics.  in my mind, this is NOT ideal.  i don't want to see the subject line repeated over and over again whether it's indented or not!  ideally, i'd like to see the entire discussion (or have the ability to see the entire discussion).  kind of like what this thread looks like on chowhound:  (yeah, i like food!)


lithium has its own version of idea box for customers so i've submitted it there ... who knows, maybe this is something they will consider.  in the meantime, we're not married to lithium forever so i'll also keep my eye out for threaded discussions if/when we investigate other providers.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Re-designing the community

Yeah, that other method is ALONG the right lines.. getting there.. but that on the sub sections, shows ALL replies on there.. thats way to much, espeicaly for a BIG thread.

And while in the thread, great that you can see how they cascase.. that they are hidden content till you see them.. alot of people are likely NOT going to click on them to look.

Oh well. lets see what they get back to us with 🙂


The blog thing.. might work.  Primarily.. i would see it LIKELY to be mostly used by the community leaders. (there are 1-2 people potentialy i could see added into the group as well).
Being FULLY open is probably a bad idea.. hard enough to moderate regular posts as it is..  but maybe could open it for specific people outside as well per request.. they can message saying HEY I HAVE SOMETHING I WOULD LIKE TO PUT, and if OKed put them in an allowed group temporarily or something.


The last thing potentialy that i have come up with overall.. not sure HOW much it effects others... not sure what the demographic of the forum views are from.. mobible vs regular browser, etc... but i am often on the mobile version of the site, about 1/3 of the time.

While not groundbreaking.. if there is an issue i can always switch from the mobile to the full site... but it is a pain on a smaller phone screen... would be a few more options.. like the EDIT, REPORT, etc to be somehow available on the mobile version of the site.