Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

Does it seem like sometimes, those of us trying to help and make the community better.. are fighting a loosing battle?

Espeicaly now.. with being a CL.. we have to watch what we say, etc, even more so that before.. and i often have to find myself holding my tounge.. fighting back all the negativity sometimes.


Are all of rogers products perfect? No.. but neither are the other guys.  I can understand voiceing concerns/complaints over a changed feature, etc.. but post and work towards letting them know whats wrong and what needs to be changed...
Most of the time, all you see is "This is the worst! rogers sucks! im leaving if they dont meet my demands" type of posts.


Its hard not to get upset at some things.  Just today, i post a reply, just on some possibilities, as to why the netboxes are rebooting.. and i almost get attacked about it (well maybe not quite, but it feels that way). 

It just seems like anyone who tries to have a positive attitude, is taken as a 'rogers can do no wrong suck up' and is attacked that way.

I know some product need work, or changed.. i dont deny that at all and regularily post saying so.  But im also not going to RAGE about it.

Im sorry for the RANT, i just needed to vent a little.   Gina, if this in inapropriate, please feel free to remove it from here. 

Social Media Specialist
Social Media Specialist
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Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

Hey Gdkitty,


We appreciate all of your efforts.  As you have mentioned nobody is perfect, however we do value receiving the feedback so we know what we need to work on 🙂


Please don't get discouraged as you do add some great value to the forums.





Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

Yeah it is tough, I admit i am not perfect, so i will always try my best on here.

Retired Moderator RogersRavi
Retired Moderator
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Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

Hi All,


Not putting you down at all Gdkitty.


But when I first seen the subject title (This being private) and clicked on your post I was seriously thinking you guys were talking about X-files. LoL


But I totally understand what you mean!  Nevertheless, we do see a lot of positive comments from many users indicating how much help you all have provided.  It is very rewarding to see that! 🙂


It's been great to see all the help you have shared over the one year mark since I have been on the forums!


Great Job Everyone!



I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

You are not alone... We as CL's may be.... I have been attacked many times... Called all sorts of names.. It is tough... I am not an employee but people think I am.. I'm just some tech geek who is always answering these questions for friends and family so why not here... Well at least friends and family don't attack..

I haven't been posting as much recently so I haven't noticed but in the first year I was often attacked when just trying to help.. I agree it's tough sometime to not bad talk Rogers when we agree with the poster.. But in the end I just think "this is a tech support forum... Is what I want to say helping anyone?" If it is I post, if not I just move on... Do I often want to say "call retentions"? yes but sometimes people need to learn that trick on their own 😉
Community Manager (Retired) RogersGina
Community Manager (Retired)
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Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

Our membership in the community is now over 100,000 and keeping everyone on topic and productive is like trying to steer an ocean liner. We now have this group plus the mods so 11 people all together! The more positive vibes we have going, the better our chances are of getting the ship going in the right direction. You're not alone - I promise. 

I'm an Advisor
Posts: 842

Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

Yes, it does sometimes feel lonely.  But to me it is obvious that I am not alone.  Are we not all in this together!


I feel that mostly it is a question of trying to understand what is being said by a given Forum poster who may be:


a) upset; or

b) confused; or

c) misguided if not going delusional because of the failed promises of technology; or

d) all of the above.


We have stepped forward to help.  But many times the Forum poster him/herself needs first to help us understand their heartfelt cry for help.  And often the question is how to provide them with the encouragement and incentive to give us the information we require to understand their situation, and perhaps how they got themselves into it in the first place.


That I see as the biggest challenge.  I remember a number of initiating postings which were quite impossible to decipher because of emotion, brevity, lack of specifics or just plain misinformation.  I see those posters as being the most challenging when attempting a response.  And coaxing them to provide us with the information we need is often the critical issue.


I think that each of us bring to this Forum a varied but high level of technical experience and capabilities.  I don't think any of us has ever met face to face, but I believe it safe to assume that we all would be capable of working together as a team to implement significant projects.


Here we have small projects with no easily identified specification, no known budget, no firm timeline for completion and often significant practical roadblocks to success.  But it's safe to say, the challenge to meet the implementation criteria is no less tangible than in any real life techical project.  As well here, most of the time, the end user/customer does not let you know when you have met the criteria of success.  How many times do we get  "Thank You" from the technically floundering posters when we do in fact help to facilitate or mediate a plausible and usable solution?


But, not to worry!  The meeting of the challenge in this Labour of Love must be reward enough in and of itself.


Perhaps it is Karma.  You help me today, and tomorrow I will help you in return.  When that tomorrow may come, neither you nor I know.  Whether the help I give you will in fact be reciprocated by someone who at this time is a stranger to us both, we do not know.  But, I believe it will happen!


I first became a technology professional many years ago.  And the lure of technology and all it can do for us has never ceased to charm and amaze me.  That is what I wish to spread to as many people as I can reach.  And that is why I personally feel it is worthwhile to help others who encounter problems in their experiences with technology.


And I don't think I am alone in this.  But, if I am, then so be it!  This experience is worthy to me, in and of itself.


And why do you do this?  Let us know.




I'm a Senior Advisor
Posts: 1,299

Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

I do this for the times like when I guessed that an issue people were having with their rocket hubs was DNS related and convinced a couple to change their DNS... Once they had they were having a great internet experience and thanks was posted. Even to this day I still get pm's expressing thanks for that fix. It's times like that, that I do this.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Posts: 2,611

Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

Strangely A lot of people think I am an undercover employee or something. Guess its hard for them to believe someone like us who positively contribute to online discussions exist.

The reason I am here is because I SHARE an interest in Rogers products and technology. I admit I may not have the answer to everyones questions but I DO try to make suggestions, and these are reasonable suggestions that people typically forget to try so it does not hurt them at all, it could only help them out.

Anyone else get that feeling?

I'm a Senior Advisor
Posts: 1,299

Re: Does it sometimes feel like we are all alone?

@Pauly your just too good people find it hard to believe I guess 😉

But yes I have also been accused of being a Rogers employee which pissed some people off when i won the answers contest last time..
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