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Hello Community!


Have you heard about our different financing options for getting a new device from Rogers? With Rogers Upfront Edge, you can get the lowest monthly price on premium smartphones.


Upfront Edge financing is available on select phones with a Rogers Infinite plan. You can pay $0 down,  pay 0% interest and enjoy a credit towards your total device cost. At the end of 2 years, you can either return your phone and upgrade to the latest device, or keep your phone and pay off the Upfront Edge amount.


You can learn more about this great program by watching the YouTube video below or visiting for all of the details.


I Like it Here

This upfront edge program is a trap to rob customers. I purchased a device with new connection. As I am living in Manitoba where taxes are 12%( both PST & GST ) , I saw my device was priced as $40 before taxes but I saw that on my agreement it says $40 + taxes = $47.20 . I was surprised and contacted the customer care as I thought it should be $44.80 after taxes.

I was told by the guy that your device is $40 and because of the financing promotion you will get it for $40-$5 = 35 and after taxes it will be $39.20. But as your discount is with your plan, you will not find it here with the device. But you’re getting your discount. 

Today as I got my bill, I saw that as my device original price is $1440 and pst is $100.20 , GST is $72. Rogers tricked customers here , after choosing upfront edge program they lower down the price but charge the same taxes in full as on the original device which is not legit in any way. They even don’t provide this information in contract in written. 

When talk to the customer service, instead of clearing it up they reply rudely saying that you’re calling for the same issue but not solving it. 

so if you return your device after two years , you don’t have to pay the balance but you already paid off your full taxes on the original price .... so it is kind of a scam. Legally, they should charge the taxes on the balance if anyone want to keep the device. 

I'm Here A Lot

Did you ever get an explanation as how the taxes are charged this way?