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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)


Rogers is happy to introduce the launch of Dual SIM/eSIM  via 34 of our Flagship Rogers Retail locations (see chart below) where we will be assist you with set up and answer any eSIM/Dual SIM questions you may have.


What is Dual SIM/ eSIM?

eSIM is SIM Card that’s embedded within a device. A physical eSIM card is required, as a QR code is scanned and is downloaded to the device, eliminating the need for a SIM tray and SIM card.


Currently the only Dual-SIM devices— iPhone XS, XS Max and XR —support both an eSIM and a Nano SIM; this means you will be able to use two phone numbers (Primary and Secondary) for calls, messages, and data.

If you want to activate an eSIM, you must first have a physical SIM activated on your eligible iPhone (with Rogers, or even with another carrier if their device is unlocked).


At this time eSIM can ONLY be activated as a BYOD plan with a generic IMEI number.


What’s in it for you?

  • Have two phone numbers on a single iPhone
  • Make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS and MMS, and separate personal and business calls.
  • Switch between two different mobile networks (can be a different domestic or international carrier).



For a list of Flagship stores near you see:

Dual SIM/eSIM now available for eligible iPhone XS, XS Max and XR devices in the Apple board.





I plan to stick around

Sorry, a quick question: I have been a rogers customer since 2012. I have been buying new phones with rogers every 2 years. I got an iphone Xs max last september. Does that mean (that only BYOD are eligible) that Rogers is not offering the eSIM possibility to me? Hopefully you would understand how I feel like a second class customer for having been loyal to Rogers since then...


Hello @Qubit,


Thank you for your inquiry, I know a lot of our users were waiting for the Dual SIM/eSIM capabilities. We would never want you think we do not value you as a customer. At this time, eSIM is only available through No Tab / Bring Your Own Device plans, or a SIM swap to eSIM can be completed.


We'll keep the Community posted if there's any change/update to the current set up 🙂.





I plan to stick around

I just typed up a long winded post, but thought I'd share here as I think it's important information. When you finally do get your eSIM provisioned, do NOT remove it thinking you can test it on another phone, as you can note reactivate it using the same eSIM QR code. A new card will need to be sent for the cost of $10.

I plan to stick around

It appears that Rogers' version of visual voicemail is only connected when on the Rogers data network.  When you have wifi calling, although you can receive SMS and calls over the WiFi network, you cannot received Rogers visual voicemail.   This means that on a dual sim phone, when you do not have Rogers as the data network, you won't get Rogers visual voicemail.  They need to make this service available on the internet so it works properly.  The other carrier I have on the phone does have their visual voicemail configured properly, so theirs works whether it is on their network, the internet (wifi calling) or on the Rogers network.  It is only the Rogers visual voicemail that I have this problem.