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Hey Community,


Did you know you don’t need to have a credit card to make purchases from the Google Play Store? Google Play Rogers Billing is an easy, convenient, and secure method for purchasing digital content without having to provide an online merchant with your credit card information.


You can purchase Google Play content on compatible Android devices and have those purchases applied to your Rogers wireless bill, at no additional charge.


For Google Play Rogers Billing to work properly, make sure:

  • You’re connected via a Rogers Wireless Network. For more information on Android device requirements click here
  • You have a valid Gmail account
  • You install the latest Android and Google Play updates


Once your details are confirmed, your purchases are added to your next Rogers bill, or for Pay As You Go customers, deducted from your Pay As You Go credit.


The monthly spending limit for each wireless account is $100 and cannot be changed. Taxes will be included in the total of your purchase, and you can check your Google Play receipt for the breakdown of taxes and fees.

You will receive an email receipt/invoice from Google after each purchase/refund. It contains detailed information regarding the transaction for your future reference.


If you are not satisfied with your download, you can return it within two hours for a full refund. If the return period has passed, try contacting the app developer directly. For more information on returns, please click here.


Your app purchases are tied to your Google account and can be installed on any device associated with your Gmail address. If you’re asked to pay for an app you’ve already purchased using Google Play Rogers Billing on an existing or previously-used device, you might be using a different Google account than the one used at the time you made your purchase.


If you are still being prompted for a payment you’ve previously made, please contact the developer with the purchase receipt.


To begin, refer to Google’s Install or purchase apps & digital content page for more information, by clicking here.


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