restoring my text, contacts back on my phone

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I've Been Here Awhile
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restoring my text, contacts back on my phone


Upgraded to the Blackberry Q10 in December,

Was able to add Rogers to the device no problem.


On March 6th I noticed some texts came from just a number, looked @ contacts on BB and some missing. 
Did a sync on Blackberry link, all was OK.  ON Saturday March 9th, I had lost all my contacts except for the ones on BBM.

I was 3 hrs on Tech support between Rogers who blamed Bell (where I got the phone & have cell package with) who in turn blamed Blackeberry, who in turn said Rogers.  3 hours NO HELP!!!       Started on the Tech Support again Sunday morning.  Rogers sends me to Blackberry, who sends met to Rogers!!   It's now the 4th hour!!


BEYOND frustrated at the lack of help

According to Blackberry this is Rogers issue,  

Rogers states it's blackberry!

I am holding AGAIN with Rogers,

Anyone else have this issue or gotten such poor service & run around???

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: restoring my text, contacts back on my phone

Rogers once again is linking me with their own blackberry team.  3rd trip.
I wonder how many staff they have vs I have spoken to in a 7hr call....