Transfer corporate BB plan SIM to unlocked Iphone 6

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Transfer corporate BB plan SIM to unlocked Iphone 6



I have a BB Bold 9900 with a corporate plan that includes 5 Gig of data, emails, etc. The SIM card size is the "big" one.


The company doesn't issue new SIM cards as they have not yet approved the use of Iphones, only BB. Still, I'm ready to buy an unlocked Iphone 6 and cut my actual SIM card to try and fit it in.


My main question is will transfering the SIM card that is used for a BB affect my emails in any way? Will it affect my synchro with Outlook? Any other problems I can anticipate?


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Transfer corporate BB plan SIM to unlocked Iphone 6

The biggest problem you might encounter is having the SIM card not respond properly due to you cutting it. Many people have cut a larger SIM card to fit a newer phone and have been successful but it's a chance you take.


Note that you'll see your data usage go up (probably substantially) because the 9900 uses BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) which compresses the data to your phone by as much as two-thirds. The iPhone does not use this compression so be careful if you're constantly on a network signal and not Wi-Fi.



I hope that helps you.  🙂

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Re: Transfer corporate BB plan SIM to unlocked Iphone 6

To add to BillJ post,


Syncing between BB 9900 and iPhone are two different technology. I would recommend consulting with your IT dept, if they have activesync enabled for your account, if they are using Exchange. If they managed their own Exchange server in the office, then it's a licensing concern. If they are hosted throught a hosting company, then it's billing. 


To answer your question shortly, if activesync is active for your email account. It will sync with your Outlook and phone.