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Re: Transfer & upgrade to BB Z10

Whenever anything goes awry with your new phone (sorry, I didn't catch if it's a Z10 or a Z30), simply do a reset. On BB10 phones, the preferred method to do this is to hold down your power button for about 15 seconds until you see BlackBerry on your screen. Don't release the power button until you see this, ignoring anything you see before that.


I reset my phone in this fashion about once a month whether it needs it or not; it clears up the phone so I recommend doing it occasionally.


Why your new phone froze up like that, I don't know. I DO know that BB10 phones are great phones that work much better than older BlackBerry legacy devices. Freezing up and having the little clock rotate are pretty much things of the past. I've owned a Z10, a Q10 and I currently use the Z30 and they're all great phones to have.



Cheers.  🙂

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