Text messages not sending ?

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I've Been Around
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Re: Text messages not sending ?

It has never worked correctly for me or my friends? Not only on New Year's Eve, but on all days?!?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Text messages not sending ?

this is not so much a problem anymore. if you noticed back in the day, EVERYONE used SMS and ONLY SMS, but in the last years, there are so many messaging apps, third party that people use widely such as Google messages (RCS), Face Book messenger, insta graham, what's app, black berry messenger, snap chat, we chat, skype, and even private ones from peoples companies. there is less and less load on SMS servers now a days during new years and messages should go thru just fine, now a problem with an app on new years has nothing to do with rogers and its due to volume of traffic on that messaging app.