Rogers Yahoo email - unable to access

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Rogers Yahoo email - unable to access

Hello - I have a Blackberry Playbook and don't remember my password. I have answered the question and then it says it will send it to my email. Well the email was on my computer that got upgraded and deleted the email I was using. So when it says it will send my password - it is sending it to the old email address that I don't know how to access. I am going around in a circle.  Can someone tell me how to recover my password - I would like to be able to use my playbook again.\Thanks!



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Re: Rogers Yahoo email - unable to access

Hello kinnon18

You mean you can not remember your email password or your playbook password aka Blackberry password?

If you deleted your Rogers email which has the back up email when receiving passwords for, you can not get that email back. Sadly you may have to contact Blackberry support for this as they most likely will be able to reset your password for u.
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Re: Rogers Yahoo email - unable to access

Contact BlackBerry support for what?

They can't reset an email password or a PlayBook password and the only way they'll talk to you at no charge is if Rogers escalates you to them which they won't do.

You might have to wipe your PlayBook then create a new email address and password.

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