Receiving photos on my Motorala RAZR 3 phone?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Receiving photos on my Motorala RAZR 3 phone?

I have a nice old RAZR ver. 3 flip phone from Motorola that I have had for years now. I use the phone strictly for emergency calls, and for texting. I don't cruise the web with it, I don't tweet, or Have a facebook page, I don't make general calls on it. Occasionally people will send me photos though, which has been fine up until recently. I'm guessing for about the last month or so, whenever I attempt to send or receive a photo, I get one of those useless "3330" messages (actually, I get two of them, each one slightly different). And when I attempt to read the text, I select "DOWNLD" and within a few second I get the same reply every time - "Unable to download Message XX. Try again later" Of course at first I was dumb enough to try again later but it never works at all.


Any Ideas as to what could be wrong?


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Re: Receiving photos on my Motorala RAZR 3 phone?

Hi @BluPuk , check out the APN settings thread here:


It may be of help in troubleshooting first steps.




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Receiving photos on my Motorala RAZR 3 phone?

Thanks for the reply but I looked through the post you suggested and I did not see anything familiar to my particular phone. I am still in the position of not being able to recieve any txts with photos attached. Can I take my phone to Rogers maybe?


Thanks again

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Re: Receiving photos on my Motorala RAZR 3 phone?

Hello @BluPuk 


Sorry to hear that you haven’t got this issue resolved yet. I could run through some more troubleshooting tips that may help.


First, I noticed you mentioned that you are unable to receive picture messages. What about sending? Are you able to send picture messages to people? If so that’s a good sign because that would be your device has the picture messaging settings stored as you wouldn’t be able to send out either. I always narrows things down to two possible causes, 1.Being the phone and 2.Being something on Rogers end. The best way to test this out is by taking your sim card out of the phone putting it into another working Rogers phone and test by sending a picture message to yourself. If you get the message with your sim card in another device then we can confirm that the device(Moto Razr) is causing the issue and we need to complete some device troubleshooting. If you put the sim card in another device and are still unable to receive pictures messages then we may need to try a new sim card or contact Rogers Technical Support for support on your MMS profile. If you dont have another phone to test, you could try a local rogers store and ask them if it would be ok to put your sim card in one of their test devices and send a picture to yourself. This can vary by location some stores may be able to help and some may not as they may not have any tester phones. So you could try that out as well. Let the community know if your get your issue resolved by commentating below in case anyone else ever has the same issueSmiley Happy


Hope this helps!

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