Passport call on the Rogers network

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Passport call on the Rogers network

Hi there, About the end of May my Blackberry Passport could not make calls on the Rodgers network. I have a share everything plan with my children and their phones work but mine does not. I have been to the outlets and worked with the service desk but to no avail. The end result is that the reason must be my phone, but I've just tested with a competitor sim and it works fine, at this point my only options are to get a new phone or go with a new provider. 

has anyone else had this issue?  

The phone says it connected to the Rodgers network LTE but every call out fails.

I get the one off text message, but no calls are coming through.

I am at wit's end and about to make a choice nether of which appeals to me. This is my last ditch  attempt to get a solution.




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Re: Passport call on the Rogers network

My only thought is the following:


Open up the phone, and with a cue tip clean the contacts - there are recommended ways to clean contacts of any types on the Internet, see what is suggested.  Clean the Sim slot, clean the Sim contacts, and maybe there is something wrong with the Sim itself.


Out of curiousity, if you shift your sim card to one of your children's phones and see if it functions properly in their phones.  If it does, it is probably something with your phone, and I would start with the contacts of the sim slot, or it may also be the phone itself.


If it doesn't work reliably in your children's phones, then it is most likely the SIM.  Just thinking down this route because you say a competitor's sim works fine, so I begin to wonder if it is the Sim card itself.


Those are the only trouble shooting options that come to mind to me.


A repair shop that does repairs on cell phones would also likely have the tools to test connectivity, but you will pay a minimum bench charge to just start the testing.


Good luck and let us all know how it goes.


Full disclosure: Smiley Wink I am not a qualified tester of phones, just a user like you who has been through a similiar issues with Sim cards on phones.


Best of luck: