PRIV Reservations.

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PRIV Reservations.

I have a reservations for a PRIV  and read on Crackberry that Roger is saying that all current reservations should be filled by Nov 24th. I am going down on my reservation number by 1 a day which looks like it will be February before I receive it.

any further news on speeding this up. 


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Re: PRIV Reservations.

Hello @pallsop

All reservations will be fillfulled once Rogers gets more in stock from Blackberry. The devices has been on back order via Blackberry and Amazon and other sites as well. So this is one reason why it's taking a long time. If the date changes, Rogers will post it. Until then there isn't much information that they will post.
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Re: PRIV Reservations.

Yesterday I was at 195 and today it says IN PROGRESS, meaning they are preparing to ship it, so have faith 🙂 you will get it sooner than February
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Re: PRIV Reservations.

My reservation for the blackberry priv has been showing shipped since last Wednesday night to my local authorized rogers dealer. How come in my email notification i wasnt provided with a tracking number? When can i expect the device to arrive? Thanks


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Re: PRIV Reservations.

Hello @Silverfern1


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums Smiley Wink!


That’s great to hear that you have received the email notification. At this time, I would advise you to call or visit your local authorized Rogers dealer to inquire if the device is available for pickup.


Hope this helps.



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