Official Rogers Update: Ringbacks

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Community Manager (Retired) RogersErin
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Official Rogers Update: Ringbacks



Hi everyone,


If you're looking to turn ringbacks ON and OFF please follow these instructions:

1. Simply text OFF to 555 (text is free).
2. You will receive a RINGBACKS text message - find the message and click the link.
3. The link takes you to your Ringbacks Profile page. Under the heading RINGBACKS ON | OFF, select Off.


To download your first FREE Ringback:

1. First, text RINGBACKS to 555.

2. You will receive a Ringbacks text message with a link to the Ringbacks mobile store.

3. Click on the link.

4. Now you can browse the store to find a song you like.

5. Once you find a song, click on the song to preview and purchase (preview available on select devices).

6. To purchase, click on the red purchase button.

7. Finally, follow the simple prompts to set it up!


VALUE PACK BONUS will allow you to automatically receive Ringbacks as a part of your Value Pack.


The Value Pack subscription comes with one FREE Ringback.




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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Official Rogers Update: Ringbacks

so okay how do i do it so i can have ringbacks ?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Official Rogers Update: Ringbacks

whoaaaaaaaaa!!!! one needs to be here all day ,lol !!!
I've Been Around
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Re: Official Rogers Update: Ringbacks

This isn't working for me, i just get a text back saying " please try again with the correct keyword"
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Re: Official Rogers Update: Ringbacks

Good evening @iLisa29,


Welcome to the Forums & Thank you for your post!


The Ringbacks service has been discontinued and that might be the reason why the short code no longer works.


Are you still charged for the service on your monthly invoice? 


If you get in touch with one of our representatives we will have the ability to deactivate the service for you if the self serve feature is deactivated.


Let us know if you need further assistance!