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Re: Lumia 950

@gp-se wrote:


@aab1 wrote:

Lumia 950XL price


After having had my last Windows Phone for 7 years, it's beyond time for an upgrade (only calls, text, web browsing and shazam still work due to apps no longer being supported, but physically the phone still works like new).


I'm decided on the Lumia 950XL, first of all is it compatible with the Rogers network?


Secondly, on eBay the price seems to vary from $300 US to $700 US for exactly the same phone in new condition so I'd like an explanation for such a wild price range as well as a reputable place to buy it at a good price.


Also, is there any place I can see a 950XL in person? It's much bigger than my current phone, but as long as it fits in pant pockets (does it?) I have no problem with the size.




The 950 XL will work with Rogers, as long as the device supports these bands it will work:

Frequency range Band number Protocol
1900 MHz PCS2UMTS/HSPA+ 21Mbit/s
700 MHz Lower A/B/C12/17/13LTE
1700/2100 MHz AWS4LTE
2600 MHz IMT-E7



I have no idea why there is such a price range for the phone, but I checked on and it sells for around $500 Canadian.


You could check kijiji, but be aware of scams, I personally have purchased phones off kijiji without issue. As for being compatible with Windows 7, that I am unsure of, but I would suggest upgrading to Windows 10 for all the security updates that Operating System brings. said the shipping would be 1-2 months so I wasn't going to buy it there. I ended up finding a new open box 950XL for $323 USD on eBay (under $450 CAD), I can't wait to get it, it will be such a major upgrade coming from a 7 year old phone.


I was happy with my HTC HD7 for the first 5 years, after that one app/service after another was no longer supported to the point where now I pretty much only have calls, text, web browsing and Shazam that still works (yes, I lost the built in Windows music search about 2 years ago, that's still on Windows Phone 10 right? I found it far superior to Shazam and can't wait to go back).


I also read you no longer need to connect WP10s to a PC to update them, so compatibility with my PC is irrelevant.


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Re: Lumia 950

Hi @aab1,



Congratulations on the new phone! Hope you enjoy it as much as the HTC HD7, if not more.


Feel free to reach out to the Community if you have any questions or concerns.