Edge connectivity problems with BB curve 8900

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Edge connectivity problems with BB curve 8900

My second bold 8790 screen went and I switched over to a curve 8900 I had laying around.  I'm aware I can't get 3G+ with this phone but I'm having issues at my home connecting to the EDGE network on the Rogers tower which is about a mile away.  At best I'm getting 1 maybe 2 bars but spend most of my time with no connection at all.  My bold always had 5 bars on the 3G+ in this location.

I now have had 3 sessions with tech support with no solution.  Initially they reset the network for my new phone.  No change.  There was a suggestion my phone was old and my not be functioning properly, specifically the antenna.  I did a 2 hour drive to Ottawa on the weekend through the country.  Once I got away from my local tower I had 4 to 5 bars all the time on the EDGE network.  According to Rogers the capitols mean I'm also getting data services in addition to voice.

I'm back to my local tower and back to the same terrible signal strength.  I also run an Ericsson rocket hub off this tower and it is fine, a little slow but satisfactory.

It seems my phone issue is with this specific tower.  It is a Rogers tower that was put up 3 years ago.  Bell also has some equipment on it now too.  My 3rd tech support session was last night.  I was told there was no problem with any towers on the network.  The logic of my argument only received silent.  I demanded the ticket be escalated which was done but I was told unless there was a lot of complaints similar to mine nothing would happen.

The tower frequencies are 850, 1900, 2100.  My curve uses 850 and 1900.  Works beautiful on other towers.  Any suggestions?


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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Edge connectivity problems with BB curve 8900

I finally got good Rogers help on the 5th try.  Answer, the tower close to my house is only 3G.  The 2G tower is about 15 miles away with a rock ridge in the way.  Finally someone with a little more sense than provided by the que cards on her computer screen.  She did some extra checking no one else did, talked to the tower people and had my answer.

Apparently do to design they can't put the 2G antenna's on this tower.  Next year they are building a 2G tower in the area as well.  So I will have to get my Bolds fixed and get back onto the 3G tower.

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Re: Edge connectivity problems with BB curve 8900

Hello bruce5

Glad to hear that this issue is resolved. This can help out other customers that may experience the same problem!