Do prepaid phones work on monthly plans?

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Do prepaid phones work on monthly plans?


I'm on a monthly plan with Rogers. If I were to buy a 'prepaid phone' at Future Shop, would I have any problems using it with my monthly plan, or does Rogers put some kind of lock on those phones so that they only work with prepaid?


I've bought several iPhones over the years (locked to Rogers or unlocked) and they all worked fine...


But I don't have much experience with the 'cheapo' prepaid phones I see at Future Shop sometimes... I just wanted to make sure they would work with my monthly plan before I go and buy one.


Specifically, the Lumia 635





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Re: Do prepaid phones work on monthly plans?

The only lock, is that they are rogers locked phones... so can only run with a rogers sim card, etc.

And the only other thing.. is you may have to switch your sim card, or get an adapter, etc.. as one phone may not use the same size sim card as the other

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Re: Do prepaid phones work on monthly plans?

Gdkitty is correct,


There is absolutely NO difference from a prepaid phone and a post paid (monthly) phone, they shold just all be referred to as simply "phones" its merely the plan you activate which determines if its pre-paid or monthly (post paid).   You can buy a phone thats sold as prepaid, and stick your sim card in it, providing its the correct size and locked to the same carrior (rogers) and it will continue to work for voice/text/data/voice mail.