Can't delete Call Forwarding Numbers on Passport

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Can't delete Call Forwarding Numbers on Passport

This is a strange one.  There doesn't seem to be a way to delete a number you enter for call forwarding after you've entered it.

If you dial ##21# manually the unconditional line will blank out, but the number remains in the dropdown.  A wipe clears them from the dropdown.  Does anyone know a workaround?  The conditional forwarding doesn't work when you have voice mail either.  That's odd because you should be able to say ...

call forward on busy to my landline (1)
call forward when there's no answer to the voice mail number, and (2)
call forward to my landline when my phone is off or the network can't see it (3)

There's no conflict as long as call forwarding universal/unconditional is off #21# or ##21#.
Turning that on will override the other conditionals, but I can't selectively use the conditionals when universal is off.

We could do that on wireline with Nortel, so I'm wondering if it's programmed incorrectly on the network side.  It just seems that cellular is so basic, you can't do anything sophisticated with it.  There isn't even a GSM code like *60 #01#, which on DMS, would block the last caller, even if he/she withheld his/her number with #31# (wireless), *67 (wireline).  You've got these apps but all they do is silence the ringer and the caller still goes to voice mail.

Am I missing something?

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Re: Can't delete Call Forwarding Numbers on Passport


Hello, @DominicB


Indeed, it’s a strange one. Are you not able to delete all the numbers you have added or just one number that you don’t recognize? I believe it’s the voicemail deposit number which can’t be deleted.


Community - any input on this subject?




I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 67

Re: Can't delete Call Forwarding Numbers on Passport

It's actually an oversight on BlackBerry's part on the Passport, which I told them to fix for 10.3.3 -- which of course they didn't. My picture showing the screen was removed.

It's a real pain -- the only way to clear the list is to wipe the phone.