Can't access voicemail

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Can't access voicemail

After an OS update on my Rogers Blackberry 10, I can no longer access voicemail. I press and hold "1", a call begins, but immediately ends. Can anyone help?


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Re: Can't access voicemail

Does anyone have a Blackberry that might be able to help susanjen out here?

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Re: Can't access voicemail

Hello susanjen

Have you tried contacting Rogers tech support & see if the voicemail number is the same as what they tell you to put in?

Also have you tried a factory reset after the update to see if that will fix it? Which Blackberry 10 device do you have?
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Re: Can't access voicemail

I know the number IS incorrect, as it is my own phone number. On other Q10's (my husband's) the voicemail number is an entry field where you can change the characters. Mine is not. Rogers tech offered "it's a glitch" and suggested a factory reset. However, I do not have a computer capable of doing a back up, so that won't help at this time.
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Re: Can't access voicemail

When you call in to your Voicemail, you're calling in to the Rogers Voicemail number and not your own phone number. 


Try this:


Open your phone app then swipe down from the top and select Settings then Voicemail. There should be a field showing Access Number. If you don't have one there, you can call Rogers to get it however you might want to try this one first: +15142900728. Make sure you include the '+' sign in front of it. This is a long distance number (for most people) however you will not incur long distance charges when dialing it nor will it use up any of your monthly minutes.



I hope that helps you.  🙂


EDIT: I just noticed that you said you can't change the Access Number so try rebooting your phone. Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds until you see BlackBerry on your screen. Don't release it until you see BlackBerry, ignoring anything that appears before that.


Cheers.  🙂

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Re: Can't access voicemail

BillJ is correct, the voice mail number is NOT suppost to be your own number, its suppost to be a special number which is often automatically programmed into the phones sim card when ever an over the air update is done, or it can be manually programmed in via the phones "voice mail number" menu


Once again, the voice mail number is NOT your own number its a special number given to you from rogers, because if you call your own number you risk damaging/deactivating the sim card.

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Re: Can't access voicemail

Hi Susanjen, that happened on my Z10 and what I did, was turn the phone off, remove the sim card and turn back on without sim card in. you could try to access the settings for the phone without a sim. Then turn phone off and put sim back in and then reboot the phone. That seemed to correct my voice mail access number. Even try your husbands sim card.
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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Can't access voicemail

Don't know why this was marked solved as the OP did not verify that - I suspect there is some issue with voicemail on BlackBerry's. I have several issues as well and don't see any logical fix here.
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Re: Can't access voicemail


I changed the phone number of the voicemail by mistake. Now I can't change it for that of Rogers

When i turn off my phone and remove the sim card, the voicemail parameter is no longer accessible. 


So, i can't try your solution????

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Re: Can't access voicemail


Hello, @Roline


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. The voicemail retrieval number is location/area based, would you please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps so that we can provide the number? 

Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.




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