Call Barring Not Supported Either?

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Call Barring Not Supported Either?

On my Passport, I have 5 options under Call Blocking (Barring) ... 351 looks useful, and when I dial *#351# the system recognizes it and says it is currently off.  The codes are ...

35 / Block All Incoming Calls

351 / Block All Incoming Calls When Roaming


33 / Block All Outgoing Calls

331 / Block All Outgoing Calls to International Numbers
332 / Block All Outgoing Calls to International Numbers Except Canada (presumably when outside Canada)

You can flip the knobs, but you need the barring code to activate.  Let me guess -- this is a locked down feature too?





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Re: Call Barring Not Supported Either?

Hey @DominicB,


You're quickly becoming a popular fellow in our community Smiley Wink.


Unfortunately, that is correct, it is not a supported feature. With that said, I believe it'll only function if you are currently on a non Rogers network. In other words, you'll have to be roaming in order for it to work. 


I may be mistaken, so I'll try and gather more information and get back to you soon as I can verify my hunch.


Community, feel free to chime in!


I'll be in touch Smiley Happy!



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Call Barring Not Supported Either?

Thanks for the kind words, but look at my avatar.  I did wireline though, not GSM.  GSM has no features.  I think you would dial *351*password# and then hit SEND on your home network to disable incoming calls while roaming.  To turn it off, #351# and SEND.

We had MADN MCR or SCR I think when DMS-100 (wireline switch) and DMS-MTX (cellular switch) talked to each other.  That was when CDMA ruled.  That's where your landline and cell ring at the same time on a single number, and you can pick up on either, and when you do, the other phone stops ringing.  You could also pass the call back and forth between the two.  I remember doing that on BCM using FMFM (Find Me Follow Me).  If it was MCR, a 2nd call would ring the landline if you answered the cell and were still talking, and vice-versa.

So, cellular is kinda primitive for me.  No talking call waiting, selective call rejection, call intercept, camp on -- nuthin'.