Blackberry Android - Bring us WiFi calling

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Re: Blackberry Android - Bring us WiFi calling

I have been keep waiting wifi calling on blackberry Priv almost 2 years. no luck. Rogers really dont care about canadian blackberry products , that is what i feel. i do live in new area where we have poor network from all the carriers. my wife has freedom mobile but she has wifi calling. same thing at my work, very poor network. i wish i could have an option to use wifi calling . Priv is capable to have wifi calling. T mobile in USA support Priv for wifi calling. Rogers must respect that, there are still blackberry users left in canada. please support blackberry.

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Re: Blackberry Android - Bring us WiFi calling

Oreo for Keyone


According to the OS Upgrade schedule there is supposed to be an upgrade on Aug 13 to Oreo with wifi calling for the BlackBerry KeyOne…...It's now almost end of day on Aug 14 and nothing!  What gives?


I am desperate to get wifi calling going on this phone.  My wife and I switched from Telus last year and it's been a huge mistake so far.  Both our phones are pretty much bricks in and around our house (and we live in a fairly big urban area).  I never had an issue with Telus anywhere in my neighbourhood/house, but now my phone is completely useless to me in my office (drops calls constantly, and when it is connected it cuts out so bad that no one can hear me).  I am hoping the wifi calling will at least make the phone usable until our contract is up!

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Re: Blackberry Android - Bring us WiFi calling

Hello @JPeplow 


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I completely understand where you are coming from and I use WiFi calling myself and it is great, especially in those low service areas. How do you like the KeyOne? I was considering getting the new BlackBerry. 


The OS upgrade is scheduled to come out as of August 13, 2018. It can take a few days for the upgrade to roll out to your particular device. I would recommend to keep an eye out next couple of days. 





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