100 anytime minutes

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100 anytime minutes

I signed up for the $85/yr and it suits me fine for the usage I require,however. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to check on the amount of or remaining 100 anytime minutes left on the account ?





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Re: 100 anytime minutes

The 100 anytime minutes in included your plan can be tracked at myrogers.com. Under wireless usage or you can download the rogers app and track usage for air time, Long distance, data and text.  


If you are refering to bonus any time minutes those are not as easy to track.  I believe the bonus minutes are used once the airtime included in your plan are used.  so you would have to be mindful of that.  


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Re: 100 anytime minutes

At Myrogers.com 


  1. Login 
  2. overview (found in the tabs)
  3. wireless down a bit on the page (click view)
  4. you will then scroll down and see MYusage 
  5. Click talk
  6. The incoming/outgoing calls
  7. you want to look at the BAR that has green  (ignor the grey)

The left side will detail your used and avalible time.