Why do I have to have a Share Everything Plan?

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Why do I have to have a Share Everything Plan?

I have an issue with Rogers concerning the "Roam Like Home" add on. To activate this add on one has to have a share everything plan. In my case I have a share plan that has all the features of the share everything plan and is much less expensive.


My question is why must I change my share plan to get the Roam Like Home add on. Why not simply offer it as an add on to share plan customers instead of having them change over to a more expensive plan that offers the same features.


In my view this is very petty of Rogers, it leaves share plan customers with.the feeling that they are being taken advantage of.


I thank you in advance for your quick response.


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Re: Why do I have to have a Share Everything Plan?

At this time Roam Like Home is only available on our In Market Share Everything plans.


Along with Roam Like Home eligibility, our Share Everything plans include services like Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling/SMS, VM, Call ID and a 2014-2015 season’s pass subscription to Rogers NHL Gamecentre LIVE.




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Re: Why do I have to have a Share Everything Plan?

Hi @bmw18


Share Everything are our most popular plans – they’re easy to understand and offer the best value because everything is now included (unlimited talk and text, voicemail and call display). These plans are designed for how customers use their phones today and already include the right shareable data buckets and unlimited talk and text so that customers can use their phones while traveling just as they do at home. Continually adding value to Share Everything plans – the addition of Rogers GameCentre LIVE and Roam Like Home are just two ways we’re doing that – and making our plans and processes as simple as possible is part of a larger effort to improve customer service. Customers can decide what plans works best for their needs, that’s why they’re free to change plans at any time. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to look into a Share Everything plan that would work for you and your family.

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Re: Why do I have to have a Share Everything Plan?

I am with bmw18 on this one. You did forget to mention that Share Everything plans are the most expensive plans as well. The inclusion of unlimited talk and text, voicemail and call display may be a good thing for some, but for others, it is a waste of money. BTW - where is the unlimited data - the number one thing most people seem to want these days? It just seems to me that all the new little perks being awarded by Rogers are 100% dependent upon upgrading your services and thereby spending more money on a monthly basis. They have nothing at all to do with how long you have been a loyal Rogers customer or how much you spend with Rogers every month (for those of us who have grandfathered plans and are happy with them). I for one am now a happy customer with one of your competitors and my wife and son will follow suit next month after 9 years with Rogers wireless. The money I will save now will more than offset any savings I could get with Roam Like Home!