How is Roam Like Home billed?

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How is Roam Like Home billed?

I have a question about "Roam Like Home" billing charges.


 If my billing period begins on the 8th of the month and I am travelling to the U.S. on the 2nd returning on the 20th, how is my bill calculated.


Thanking you in advance for your quick response.


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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

Thanks for the question.  With Roam like home you will only be charged a maximum of $50 on any monthly bill.  In your example, from the 2nd to the 7th you'll be charged $5/day on your first bill cycle (on the days that you use your phone). On your next bill cylce, from the 8th onwards, you'll be charged $5/day to maximum of $50 or 10 days of roam like home usage.   

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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

Are we limited to only certain US providers (e.g. ATT, verizon, whatever) or is it whichever provider has then best signal wherever your phone is?

If we're limited to, say AT&T and suddenly end up with a stronger Verizon signal and my phone is set to Roam would my phone switch to verizon and then start having roaming charges incurred?

In other words, is there ANY way, besides running out of Share plan, to pay extra on this plan?


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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

Roam like home allows you to use your Current plan in the US for 5$ a day.. the max charge of 10 days in 1 billing cycle.. even if you stay the full 30days 


It shouldnt matter what US network you are roaming on.. the idea of this is to work all over the US.  



There isn't any way to get extra charges unless you exceed the Rate plan usage you have... 


I just read if you do exceed your usage you are NOT charged roaming on that either that it is charged at your normal rate as if in Canada.... 


The other thing to be aware of is you must be a on everything Share plan for this options... 


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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

I am on a Share Everything program and I have been using one of my unlocked phones plus Roam Mobility when travelling but find this new Roam Like Home option interesting.

But, because I just have a hard time totally trusting Rogers (or any cell company really, sorry) I'm still looking for a catch before I jump in.

If I could have a Rogers employee answer I'd appreciate it.

3 things that come to mind:
1- Providers
2- cost per device
3-clarify use while in the US

1) Are we limited to only certain US providers (e.g. ATT, verizon, whatever) or is it the same selection of providers we would have had while roaming when not on the program? If only a certain provider, will that be a settings item that I need to do (or remove) or will it be automatic? My point being- will I lose options, drop calls, have SLOW internet or will my service be as good as if I wasn't on this plan.

2) I believe I know the answer to this already, and it's not really an unrealistic answer, but I thought I'd check: $5/per day per Share Everything device activated. Correct?

3) you Share Everything as if you were at home in the US: all Data, Texts/calls within the US to US or Cdn numbers and any International calls/texts would be treated the same as if you were in Canada

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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

Hello @ceb


1.You shouldn't be limited when it comes to providers your are still able to roam just like before its just billed a little differently now. Should have seamless service while in the States seeing as we have a lot of partners but it could vary depending on the area (I Don’t travel to US so I cant comment on the providers service out there).Off the top of my head I don’t know all our partners. Most phones have the options to either Manually Select the Carrier or Automatically. If  its set on automatic the phone will search for the closest partner if it happens to lose service

2.Correct its 5$ per day after 10 days you don’t get billed anymore but can still take advantage of the service. So therefore its max charge of 50$(+taxes) for the month/ per line

3.Correct you share everything (Calls, Data and Text). Calls to US Numbers while you’re in the US are covered under Roam Like Home so you wouldn’t get additional charges. International Texts and Calls while in US are still subject to charges unless you have a specific Package to allow you to use these features (Ex. Value Pack that includes Intl Text)


It’s definitely a great service for people who travel to the US a lot. Check out‎ for more info


Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

Sorry but don't fully understand how it works and can't find anything on website that clarifies.


If I buy the plan and travel to the USA but my partner (who is on the Share Everything Plan with me) stays in Canada.

 Does partner pay USA texts and USA long distance charges when the call my cell #?  Will I come back and my partner has run up a huge bill on their phone? I understand $5/day plus tax for me but what about Phone #2?



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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

Rogers has instituted the roam like home for $5/day, max 10 days. But it is based on the billing cycle not a month. Why can't Rogers make the roam like home for the same amounts, but for a 30 or 31 day period, not for a particular billing period

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Re: How is Roam Like Home billed?

Hey @dbrodkin,


Thanks for your post & Welcome to the Forums!


I understand how the billing, for Roam Like Home, can be confusing and it would be my pleasure to help clarify this for you.


Here is a summary of the daily fee details for Roam Like Home:

  • You’re only charged on days you use your device (make/receive a call, send a text, use data), and you will only be charged for a maximum of 10 days per monthly bill.
  • The daily fee covers you for 24 hours from the time you use your device, regardless of time zone difference.
  • The daily fee applies separately for each device that uses Roam Like Home


The 10-day maximum essentially means that you're covered by the option for the full billing cycle, but you'll never be charged more than $50 or $100 (depending on where you're travelling).


For more information, check out this very useful article.


Hope this helps!