Rogers-EXT Add-On Recommendation

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Retired Moderator RogersAmanda
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Rogers-EXT Add-On Recommendation

How do you feel about @b-ry's recommendation:


"I would like to recommend a simple $5-10/month addon that would allow me/users to use my plan 'as-is' the Extended Roaming coverage without the usage restrictions. When Rogers has network coverage, it is by far the best! I would prefer to pay a little extra a month and keep my plan, then to switch to another carrier."


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Product Manager
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Re: Rogers-EXT Add-On Recommendation

Hi @b-ry,

Thanks for the comment.  Over 90% of our plans do include access to Extended Coverage at no additional charge.  Any talk, text, or data you use in the Extended Coverage area is included.  Some plans however - such as MY5/10 - are not compatible with the other carriers' networks and unable to access Extended Coverage.