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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

@Meowmix wrote:
Hello @RogersJose

Great to see you here! I

Unfortunately it seems like Rogers only cares about the $149 install fee and raising pricing. Meanwhile you have Bell which when speaking to them and transfer over ur service, will waive it. speaking to their management team they are able to waive that if you get Home phone, Internet and FibeTV.

SO. How can Rogers sit there and say " we will charge you $149 " yet your competitors are waiving that fee?. I can also forward a email regarding the waive of the install fee to you directly from a Bell Manager. ( Their head office manager and not a 3rd party manager).

All in all its a great service, I like everything with the Ignite TV offers, however as you can see any are not to pleased with the install fee and the pricing of the plans.

My parents have everything with Rogers. In order to switch out to Ignite TV, they are looking to spend do over $400. That's crazy and really a price guage to your customers. ( GIGABYTE Internet with modem, 5 cable boxes, Home Phone, Cellphone ( $50), and Smart Home ($60)).

So how can anyone at Rogers justify that the pricing is " competitive" meanwhile Bell your competitor is waiving the install fee and has lower bundle Discount if you go with them.. Not everyone has $150+ taxes ( which gets added to the bill) extra laying around for the installation. Yes its a hr or so but if you want customers, don't try to grab every cent you can get. I was told by a Rogers manager that " to bad to sad" that if I want it, I have to pony up the cash.

Is this how Rogers wants to launch a service? By raising pricing on their new cable system ( IPTV) to attract new customers?

Now my feedback won't matter to you or your team but look around and read what lots are saying. Lower the install fee / waive it and create a better bundle with Smart home included or something. Your pushing your customers away when asking for so much


We understand your point of view at this time. Currently, the IgniteTV installation is a personalized installation that's more than just the connection.


Each installation is tailored specifically for you and your home's needs. The technician performs an assessment to ensure that you're getting the best Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. The technician will also go over key features of Ignite TV so you can get the most out of your IgniteTV service.