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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

My contract ends in october I'm going to fibe tv they have an install fee but will credit it back to me thanks though
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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

Hi @gabriel_ko

There is a bit of a delay in the video feed since it's using the Internet to stream the content. When you tune to a channel, it has to download the content before it can display on your TV.  It's similar to the experience you would have with any other over the top service.


Regarding your second question, at this time, the Ignite TV app is only available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. We are looking to make the app available on additional devices in the future.


@gabriel_ko wrote:

Is there a delay in the video feed compared to traditional cable tv? Thinking about sports like NHL or NFL. Also, will you offer an Ignite Tv app on Apple TV or Xbox One?? Thanks!


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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

Hello @RogersJose

Great to see you here! I

Unfortunately it seems like Rogers only cares about the $149 install fee and raising pricing. Meanwhile you have Bell which when speaking to them and transfer over ur service, will waive it. speaking to their management team they are able to waive that if you get Home phone, Internet and FibeTV.

SO. How can Rogers sit there and say " we will charge you $149 " yet your competitors are waiving that fee?. I can also forward a email regarding the waive of the install fee to you directly from a Bell Manager. ( Their head office manager and not a 3rd party manager).

All in all its a great service, I like everything with the Ignite TV offers, however as you can see any are not to pleased with the install fee and the pricing of the plans.

My parents have everything with Rogers. In order to switch out to Ignite TV, they are looking to spend do over $400. That's crazy and really a price guage to your customers. ( GIGABYTE Internet with modem, 5 cable boxes, Home Phone, Cellphone ( $50), and Smart Home ($60)).

So how can anyone at Rogers justify that the pricing is " competitive" meanwhile Bell your competitor is waiving the install fee and has lower bundle Discount if you go with them.. Not everyone has $150+ taxes ( which gets added to the bill) extra laying around for the installation. Yes its a hr or so but if you want customers, don't try to grab every cent you can get. I was told by a Rogers manager that " to bad to sad" that if I want it, I have to pony up the cash.

Is this how Rogers wants to launch a service? By raising pricing on their new cable system ( IPTV) to attract new customers?

Now my feedback won't matter to you or your team but look around and read what lots are saying. Lower the install fee / waive it and create a better bundle with Smart home included or something. Your pushing your customers away when asking for so much

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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

That's great if I wsh record once at a specified time. I wish to record a program daily at a specified time.

Netbox was able to record new programs this time slot only.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

Well said!
I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

Brand new products have very little incentive. I can't even get the netflix offer now. Only thing I was offered was 500 mg intenet not even 150 was offered to help keep costs down.

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Thank you everyone! Event is now Closed.

Hey Community,


Thank you for participating in today's event!  We had many great questions and we hope everyone enjoyed it. If your question wasn't answered, don't fret. We will update this thread at a later date with them 🙂


Although the event is now over, the thread will be locked but still viewable for your reference. We will move this thread to our Ask an Expert Archives at a later date. Feel free to continue your discussion in the TV board.


Thank you to RogersJose and RogersMichelle for joining us in the community.


If you have an idea for a future Ask an Expert, please check out this thread and leave your feedback.


Thank you to everyone for participating!



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Community Manager
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Re: Thank you everyone! Event is now Closed.

Hey @Datalink and @Meowmix,


Just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten about your questions. We've got the team still digging to get the right answers for you.


Thanks for your patience.



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Community Manager
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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

@Datalink wrote:

Are you able to provide any comments on the testing for the Technicolour BCM3390 based XB6?  


1.  Is the testing progressing as planned.  Have there been any issues brought up that will delay deployment.

2.  Is there a projected date when that modem will be available to end users?

3.  Will the customers have a choice as to which modem they will receive?

4.  Has the modem been tested by Twitch uploaders and if so, what are the results, better than the current Intel Puma 6 and 7 modems or basically the same?  I'm expecting the results to be much better. 

5.  Are there any plans to make the Technicolour XB6 available to customers who are not Ignite TV customers?  Twitch uploaders will probably want to know this.

Hey @Datalink I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting your questions answered, we just wanted to make sure we got them all and could answer them all at once.


  1. It is already being deployed in limited quantities and will ramp up.
  2. Already deployed in limited quantities, but based on particular tech stock.
  3. At this time we are not planning to allow customers to pick and choose. Model deployment will be based upon availability of stock.
  4. It has been tested for latency underload and performs better than XB6-A present firmware but we are expecting a fix for XB6-A in the next pending release. You can check with @RogersSyd for further info on this.
  5. Only provided to Ignite TV service at this time.
Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Ask an Expert: Ignite TV - LIVE NOW!

@Datalink wrote:

Will the Xi6 receiver work thru the Hitron modems that are currently in use?  I'm thinking of the case where the modem is running in Bridge mode with a router behind it.  If a customer has a stable network, and the Xi6 actually works thru any other modem, that might offer a way to provide a self service.   The router issue appears to be hit and miss, just depends on the router and its firmware version.  In theory, all the customer would have to do is pick up the number of Xi6 receivers required for his or her TVs and add them to the existing network.  You wouldn't necessarily have to swap out the modems.  It all depends on whether or not the Xi6 receiver is married to the XB6 modem forever, due to some functionality the XB6 provides, even when its running in Bridge mode.  

Rogers supported configuration for Ignite TV and STBs is to have the STB behind the Ignite TV (XB6) modem running in router mode.  Wi-Fi mesh may be added at additional cost to extend Wi-Fi coverage in some cases. No other configurations are supported.



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