zte mf28b rogers for a camera

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zte mf28b rogers for a camera

I have a customer that replaced their netcomm with the above hub. I am trying to put my camera system back on the unit so it can be seen from outside. It appears that the mf28b GUI does not have any ability use a ddns service. Has anyone had any experience on this? I can forward ports but it the public ip continues to change then I have no way of updating my ddns service. Any thoughts or a workaround?



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Re: zte mf28b rogers for a camera

There are ALOT of units... the cellular modems... regular internet gateways, and even 3rd party routers, which dont always FULLY support it.
(or even if they do.. dont always work well... i had one.. and it kept MISSING updating it for me :P)

The ONLY option i could see..
Is i know most ddns services.. often have a PC based client... would have to have a PC connected to it on all the time of some form, always then pushing the updates.


Well, i guess two options.... paying for a STATIC IP address for the unit..