z10 speaker issue

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z10 speaker issue

so im having an issue with my z10 handset speaker. when i make or recieve calls if my volume is above say half i can hear who im talking to over the scratchy sound. too me it sounds like a blown speaker. speaker phone sounds a bit better but is still not that clear. i love my z10 but im thinking of switching... unless i can get a answer...


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Re: z10 speaker issue

Hello coolhandluke40.

You are thinking of switching because of this :/.. It sounds like you got a lemon. Many devices every manufacturer makes has some lemons. Not every single unit will be perfect. I had iPhones where the speaker never worked or the home button. Same with Samsung and HTC and Sony phones. Some are lemons just like cars / computers or any electronic device. Some are lemons.

I would contact Rogers and see if they can send you out another unit. It may refurb or new. The choice is theirs this will cost $35 on your invoice. Cost is added for them to ship the phone to you and u ship yours back.

Their is another option BUT you will need to pay $7.99 per month to Rogers. This option gives you insurance just like this one. You pay $125+ tax and you get a brand new unit. This cost is paid with a visa on the phone. I used this program for my S4 and get a brand new unit. This insurance company works for Telus and most of the US carriers.

May i ask. When did you get the device? If you are within the 15 days of getting it and within the 30 minute policy, you can return the device and get another one. If you are passed that then you can do one of the 2 i mentioned above.