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xbox doesnt detect wifi

I've Been Here Awhile

my other computers can detect it but not my xbox, please help



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Re: xbox doesnt detect wifi

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Retired Moderator

Welcome to the Community @UnAlpha

What happens when you setup the connection in the Xbox settings? Are you seeing the network?


Feel free to chime in CommunitySmiley Happy

Re: xbox doesnt detect wifi

I've Been Here Awhile

the wifi network doesnt show up

Re: xbox doesnt detect wifi

Hello @UnAlpha,


Have you tried the instructions from Xbox support here




Re: xbox doesnt detect wifi

I've Been Around

For 3-4 months it was working fine,but now, i cannot connect to the xbox live!the internet is connected and it says everything is fine but i'm not SW version is 4.2 something like that

Re: xbox doesnt detect wifi

If you have a laptop available, try this.  Load inSSIDer onto the laptop.  This is a wifi monitoring application, which will allow you to see how many other modems and routers are running nearby, and which ones, if any, are running on the same channel as your network, or on overlapping channels.  Maybe your neighbor has brought home a new modem or router and set it up, which is now interfering with your network.  This is the last freebie version of inSSIDer.  It doesnt' show the 802.11ac networks that run in the 5 Ghz band, but there is a new pay version out now that does, and which runs on a normal 802.11 b/g/n laptop by reading network transmission headers in order to display all of the nearby networks, including the 802.11ac networks.  I suspect that you're only concerned with the 2.4 Ghz band at this time, so this version will do the job.  If you determine that network interference from nearby modems or routers is an issue, maybe you can also determine if there are any channels available which don't have as much interference.



Re: xbox doesnt detect wifi

I Like it Here

how do I connect my xbox to my rogers network?


Can't connect xbox to rogers network. Don't know why.

Re: xbox doesnt detect wifi

Okay. You'll need to provide more information then that.


Is it connected directly to your modem? Do you have it connected by Wi-Fi?


Can you see the network on your Xbox and attempt to connect to it? If so what is the error message?


Can you not even see the network on your XBox?


Details. We need details if you want help.

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