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wireless connection

I've Been Here Awhile

I now have HS Express and HS cable modem.  My friend's getting a laprtop so we want to go to a wireless connection.  I assume we have to get a laptop with a wireless G adaptor. Then I assume we get a wireless G gateway from Rogers.


Do I need a Service Call to install the new router or does it just plug in like the one I have?  Is there something else I'll need? 


Thanks for any help, suggestions, reassurances.



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Re: wireless connection

I'm a Senior Advisor

Well I think pretty much every laptop comes with wireless g or the newer wireless N. Either is fine N is a bit faster. 


All you need to do is buy a wireless router (from anywhere not from Rogers) and then replace your current wired router with it. Follow the instructions on how to secure the wireless so that no one you don't want uses your connection.

Re: wireless connection

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks Chris


Looks simple enough even for me. 

Re: wireless connection

I Plan to Stick Around

Just to reinforce Chris's statement,  make sure you set up the  wirless security (WEP or preferably WPA of WPA2) in the wirless router, and on all wireless devices you plan to use with the router.   This involves creating a KEY that will be used by the router and all wireless devices. 


After getting everything communicating properly,  you might also consider turning the SSID broadcast function OFF in the router so that your system is less visible to others in the area.   The SSID broadcast option is usually a checkbox.   


If you plan to add other wireless devices later on,  you may have to re-enable the SSID broadcast for a short time so your new device can find the signal. 


Once you have the new device configured and joining the party,  you can turn the SSID off again.

Re: wireless connection

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks skutflut


Got to go shopping now, but feeling confident.

Re: wireless connection

Hi penang,

Welcome to the forums.

Let us know how your shopping goes!

@Chris and @skutflut
Thanks for your suggestions!
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