which is better...Next box 2.0 or 3.0 or keep my Scientific Atlanta

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which is better...Next box 2.0 or 3.0 or keep my Scientific Atlanta

Rogers offered to give me a Next box 2.0 for free to replace my Scientific Atlanta PVR. Or I can pay a little and get the Next box 3.0. I have had the SAmerican for several years and have never had a problem. Should I switch it to the Next box 2.0 or 3.0 or keep my S.A and pay $25 a month for it,  ie. the majority of the people on the forum seem happy with which one and which one seems to have the least problems? Thanks




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Re: which is better...Next box 2.0 or 3.0 or keep my Scientific Atlanta

You're paying $25 for an SA!!!!!!   Dude...you can get an NB3 for $17 on rent to own


Either way, based on the prices you're paying, here's how I'd rank


1. NB3.0

2. SA 8300

85. Drawing each episode by hand


999.  NB2.0


Based on the current reliability pf the boxes


1. SA8300

2. NB 3.0


256.  Repeatedly puncjing yourself in the face


999. NB2.0



Long story short...do NOT take the NB 2.0 pvr.

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Re: which is better...Next box 2.0 or 3.0 or keep my Scientific Atlanta

Yes, it would pretty much be, between the NB3 and the 8300.  Dont even consider the NB2, with the NB3 available.

There are menu/appearace differences between the two (you can see examples of what the new interface looks like looking across the TV pages on the rogers website).  Like/Dislike it.. its personal preference. 

(i like it on the LARGER tv screens, nice and crisp and not pixely like the 8300 menu shows up on those size TVs)


The NB3 is FAST (this is why we say no NB2.. its SLOOOOOW).  It has a built in 1tb drive.. so even if you had the BIGEST size 8300 available at 320g.. you are almost trippling your storage capacity.   The NB3 has 8 tuners, so you can be recording 7 things, and STILL watch live TV.


Now.. there are a few bugs with the NB3 right now.. so these MAY be deal breakers.. if you use them/are necessary.
1) HDMI-CEC is flakey.  This is the feature, which allows when you turn on a device, it would auto change inputs on the TV/AVR.  It sort of breaks it working for ANY device.  So you either have to turn CEC OFF on the tv/avr.. (or some people have jurry riged cables to remove the CEC pin)
2) There are some issues with DD5.1.   This would only be an effect for you, if you regularily run it through a receiver for surround sound.  It randomly will drop from DD5.1, to 2.0 PCM.. ocassionaly will go back on its own.. but often may require a reboot to bring it back.   If you are just doing from box to TV, this shouldnt be an issue really.