what happens if scammer calls and I press 1 for more info?

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what happens if scammer calls and I press 1 for more info?

Phone rang and auto recording plays "This is Air Canada, you have been randomly selected to receive a credit for your last flight, press 1 for more info".  I pressed 1, and thought I heard a man begin to answer, and then the line went dead.  The call apparently came from (416) 627-xxxx [although I could have sworn I saw it come in as (416) 627-xxxx].


What is ROGERS doing to try and help stop these unwelcomed telemarketing calls?  I'm annoyed frequently with the calls claiming to be from Westjet, as I know many people are.

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Re: what happens if scammer calls and I press 1 for more info?

How bad is it?

Worse case.. is that whatever telemarketer company it is that called... now has a verification that YES that is a live number where someone picks up.


As for what rogers can do?

There really isnt much.
Block it? Sure.. can block number XXX-XXXX... but with most current phone systems, pretty much LIVE you can go in and change what the caller ID is.. the next call can appear to come from a completely different number, etc.

Theres not much that CAN be done 😞

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Re: what happens if scammer calls and I press 1 for more info?

Just as spam is the most common type of email and junk mail is the most common type of snailmail, telemarketing calls can be a large proportion of phone calls you receive. It's a fact that Canada Post would not survive without the revenue from delivering junk mail (just like  radio and TV could would not work without commercials). It is my opinion that phone service providers don't really make serious efforts to stop telemarketers. I screen automated telemarketing calls by hanging up if nobody answers within a couple of seconds. Sometimes I hand the phone to a toddler.

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