wanting to upgrade to teir EXTREME

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wanting to upgrade to teir EXTREME

Hello folks i have tried  to upgrade my internet too extereme ,my current package is 25Gigs amonth...i want to upgrade with no luck



any help would be great


Thank You RobertSmiley Sad



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Re: wanting to upgrade to teir EXTREME

Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums Robert!

I think the best way to get this issue solved is to call 1-888-Rogers1 that would be 1-888-764-3771.

They should be able to help you with billing and account changes. I think the most you can do online is tech support.


- Kane Hart
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Re: wanting to upgrade to teir EXTREME

I've had this same problem.


If you log into MyRogers and click on "INTERNET" under "MANAGE YOUR SERVICES", it will bring you to a new page showing the details of your internet package. In this section is a link labeled "Change Package".

Currently the only thing it seems to do is bring you back to the top of the page. It's been like this for months.

It's absolutely horrendous.


I've tried to work around this problem by clicking on the "INTERNET" tab in the main top bar of the Rogers website, and then clicking on "Packages & Pricing" and then clicking the internet package I wanted and clicking "ORDER NOW".

However, it asks me to enter my postal code...so I do.

Then it asks me to enter my address...so I do.

Then it asks me to enter my account number since a service already exists at this address.......so I do.................

THEN it brings me to a page that says if I already have Rogers Internet, I need to 'add the account' to my registered user ID...

So I click on the 'add the account' link...

But when I add the Account number, and again, and the postal code, and click REGISTER, it tells me "The account number entered is already associated with another profile."


Am I supposed to remove my current account number and then repeat the above process? Or will that just remove my account from MyRogers entirely?


I just want to be able to upgrade my internet tier online. I don't want to have to call in and wait 15 minutes to talk to someone (heaven forbid I accidentally pressed the wrong number and have to be re-transfered to someone else), and have to give someone all of my account info just so I can change the internet package.

And what's with the need for a new router if I upgrade above Express?

On the "Packages & Pricing" page under "Hardware Options" it clearly shows the same 2 routers and 1 modem that have always been options, for all of the internet packages.


I mentioned the broken "Change Package" link to a Rogers tech help associate over the phone, and they said that they'd transfer me to someone who could upgrade it for me "so we wouldn't have to worry about the link". That isn't a solution at all.

Including that time, this is the third time I've complained about this issue and nothing has been done.


I really wish someone would fix this issue. And no, removing the broken link would not impress me at all. I want a way to upgrade my internet package or teir or whatever ONLINE. That's it. No more, no less.


If anyone has any solutions, please let me know!

If anyone has this same problem, please let Rogers know!

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Re: wanting to upgrade to teir EXTREME

While I agree this should just "work", you need to consider the fact you likely need a hardware upgrade (which you can't do online). That said, it should tell you. Specifically, if you've got Express or lower-tier package, you'll need a new modem for Extreme, Extreme Plus or Ultimate.


To upgrade, bring your current modem + power cord into a rogers plus store with an internet service desk, ask them to upgrade there (even better, call ahead and check availability of the new modems at the store of choice and reserve one as they tend to go fast some days). If you have a wireless router at home already configured, I'd recommend getting the router portion of the new modem (an SMC device) TURNED OFF by calling in after plugging it in at home and getting it set to "bridge mode". Then, once it's online again after reconfiguring, plug in your router into it and you should be good to go. This will make it work just like the modem you're replacing, only supporting faster tiers of service. The SMC device as a router is relatively featureless compared to the Linksys and Dlink routers out there.


Hope this helps.