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voicemail to text duplicates

I've Been Here Awhile

Every time I get a voicemail, I get two text messages.  One says I have new voicemail, the other is the conversion of that voicemail to text and audio attachment.  Is there any way I can set it up so I only get one text (ie the one with the text/audio conversion) per mail?  It is kind of dumb to have two texts for just one message.  Also, is there any way I can change the timezone of the vm2text messages?  I live in the Mountain timezone, and the timestamps in the messages are based on ES/DT.



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Re: voicemail to text duplicates

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Retired Moderator

Hi @mdmenzel

Thank you for your post.

What type of device are you using? Is the device unlocked or locked?

Unfortunately, with the voicemail to text feature there is no option to changing the number of text message sent with the service. 

With regards to your time zone on your text message, are you manually setting the time in your phone?

Let us know and we can take a look at assisting you further!



Re: voicemail to text duplicates

Turn off your Voicemail indicator. Regardless of what phone you have, if your Voicemail indicator is still on (should be turned off automatically with newer phones, but sometimes it doesn't if you swapped your sim card or something else happened).

Voicemail originally gave older phones notification tags to advise customers to call in and check their voicemail.


Depending on which phone you have, there are (different) steps you can turn this off.


Your Voicemail to Text feature (Audio Attachment) is a feature from your Value Pack or Voicemail add-on.


Both features aren't aware of the other, essentially.


so what phone do you have @mdmenzel?

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