using thunderbird email program to check email...

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using thunderbird email program to check email...



For about a month my mother has had trouble using the program thunderbird to access her email account... 


when checking for new messages or sending emails the sencing of the password has not succeeded and we have had to reenter it...  the main email doesn't appear to be affected by this issue...


I know that rogers uses yahoo for their email... and logging in  through the website has not been much of an issue only now that they institute the use of Captcha boxes on their login screens... I am not sure if this is the problem with the accessing from thunderbird or not.  my mother is not very computer literate as she does not like to have to enter passwords all the time...  and refuses to check her mail using the website.


Anyone able to help with this?  I know it is not alot of information but I do not have much to go on...  Also this problem affects her iphone email app as well since it is likely setup similarly to thunderbird.



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Re: using thunderbird email program to check email...

how does thunderbird connect to rogers mail server? through pop3 or through imap?


if your using pop3, try using imap instead. you can use yahoos imap server as well they will work

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Re: using thunderbird email program to check email...

I would try as pauly sugested..


Thunderbird, seems to have issues with rogers sometimes.. that its the way it goes out and authenticates, it seems to trip it needing to be loged in via the web, to clear it up.. then it works for a while, before happening again.

Changing to imap, seems to fix it for most users i have seen.