unlocking iphone5 without reset my iphone....

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unlocking iphone5 without reset my iphone....

Hi all,


i have an iphone5 with ios6 jailbreaked, i just pay rogers $50 to have it unlock...


they told me i need to reset my phone "Erase Alll content and setting" in order to complete the unlocking process.


here is my problem... with an jailbroken iphone, the only way to reset my phone is through restore, which mean i have to upgrade to ios7........... i dont want to lose the io6 jailbreak and certainly dont want to upgrade to ios7....


any work around???


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Re: unlocking iphone5 without reset my iphone....

Hello rma957

Sadly there is no other way around. For the Rogers unlock or any unlocking method other then jailbreaking will need the phone to be restored to factory settings and jailbreak to be removed. Sadly u will need to upgrade to ios7 for it to work.