trying to get a number to get netbox pvrs

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trying to get a number to get netbox pvrs

I am a superintendent of a highrise condo,  for the superintendent of our building, Rogers gives me free Ultimate cable package, anything else? I need to pay for. Awhile back, there was a block put on my apartment cable box, over a dispute in billing, I was overcharged, long story short, i talked to the president of Rogers, and cleared things up. Now that my account is cleared, and the bill is paid in full, the president of Rogers told me i can order anything i like and that Rogers is giving me free ultimate cable package, and he said if there are any problems tell Rogers customer service to call him, President of Rogers, he told me to order my pvr boxes by calling customer service. I called customer service and explained i am a superintendent, and would like to setup my free ultimate cable tv, removing the block, and would like to rent to own 2 of the new netboxes, ( pvr's that record 8 shows at one time, my only cost would be the rent to own of the pvr's, and i see there is a promotion, get a free netbox for the first 3 yrs, my free ultimate cable package includes a free hd digital box, i would like to get the promotion for one netbox, and pay the rent to own on the other box.... either way, i want 2 pvr netboxes and my ultimate cable asap! Customer service told me i have to phone a long distance number in Toronto. I did call them, yesterday at lunch time, and got a answering machine! and no return call. is there not a toll free number?  I walked down to my closest Rogers in downtown Ottawa, they told me, because i am a superintendent, i cant order setup of my free cable, and cant get my netboxes there, because i would be charged full pice. The president of Rogers told me, there should be no problems, but so far? i got no numbers to help me. it should be simple. all i want is to make sure i get my free vip ultimate cable package for superintendent, and just want to get 2 netbox pvrs! I thought, all i had to do was call customer service, and they mark down, ultimate cable is free, and mark down 2 netboxes, and i could go pick up my netboxes today at my closest Rogers. Sounds pretty simple. I would hate to call the president of Rogers again, to tell him, i cant get a number to call to setup my free tv package or get my pvrs, cause nobody knows how to do it.  whats the number to call, to make sure i am registered and have installed rogers ultimate cable and then get my 2 netboxes? I dont pay for my cable, because with all the services our building gives Rogers, and the extra things superintendents do for Rogers, in their contract it says free vip ultimate cable for superintendent, ( myself ). Rogers cable is already setup in my place. Just need them to remove the block, and get the free vip ultimate cable package.  then i would like to pay on my own for the netboxes. please give me a number where someone will help me set this up, today.. As mentioned, I tried calling 2 numbers, but nobody returned my calls, and i got no help, and hoping to get a number to order this and get it straightened out today, so i dont have to call the president of Rogers in Toronto once again!  please email me the number ( Rogers employee's ), thanks.



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Re: trying to get a number to get netbox pvrs

Please remove your email, so spam bots dont pick it up to use, etc.


Unfortunately, this is a user to user help forum..  no one direct from here will likely be able to help you. (unless one of them is in the same boat and knows the number, etc).

The REGULAR customer service people, as well as at the stores.. likely no, can not help you.. as buildings like that, etc.. are usually more under a 'corporate' type plan... its not a regular residential type account... so they are not able to access it.


You can try contacting rogers through facebook/twitter.. but they may have the same restrictions as to what info/account they can pull up.  They may at least have a different number to call.