the wire on hbo on demand

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the wire on hbo on demand

HBO on demand had the wire season 1-5 that was supposed to be up until november but now season 1 and 2 are gone. Does anyone know what happened and why they were taken down before november?




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Re: the wire on hbo on demand

Seasons 1 & 2 are now there.  But Season 3 is gone.  Does anyone know what happened to Season 3? 

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Re: t he wire on hbo on demand

I expected to see many like The Wire through Rogers with the introduction of Shomi....   I am not surprised that they screwed up yet again tactically. It is shows like The Wire that have a cult following that will attract those looking for highly ranked shows. Way to go Rogers.... another colossal screw-up. I think I'll be headed for the door soon. I have been a customer since before 1982 on cable, but I am shopping now.

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Re: t he wire on hbo on demand

It's not even on U.S. Netflix. "DVD Only".

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Re: t he wire on hbo on demand

The Wire may be coming to HBO On Demand. HBO recently announced that a lot of programs are coming to On Demand. The list was quite long and included titles like The Sopranos and True Blood. These releases include every season going back to the beginning. I just checked the On Demand channel and only found all seasons of True Blood, no Sopranos or The Wire. I think this is an in-progress thing for HBO.

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Re: t he wire on hbo on demand

HBO.. there is part of the issue 😛

HBO tends to be VERY VERY tight with their 'licences' for stuff.. and not allowing alot of companies to have them for On Demand or streaming services.
(why you dont see ANY HBO stuff on Netflix, etc)

HBO started up their OWN streaming service, just for their own stuff even.


If its HBO related.. if one carrier doesnt have it via other means other than just the channel, its quite possible that NONE of them do.



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Re: t he wire on hbo on demand

As far as I can tell, HBO Canada intends to follow through with its promise. I received an email notification about it from TMN a while ago. Time will tell I guess. All seasons of True Blood are there, so that's a start.