text message from Rogers?

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text message from Rogers?

Received email message today stating it was urgent. It said my IP address was infringing copyright in material owned or exclusively licensed by others.  It went on to say what the notice was to Rogers, etc. etc.

  It was something to do with Tiger Woods and golf..  I have no idea what this is all about, especially since I don't play golf, don't even like golf and have never infringed on anything.



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Re: text message from Rogers?

While rogers has/does send out sometimes these types of things..

They are usually a 'pass on' type of thing... that some other company, lets say SONY for example, was monitoring say a torrent, and recorded your IP address as downloading it.
They would pass on SONYs complaint letter.. as well as a notification that 'downloading illegal stuff goes against the rogers ToS, etc'


Now.. when they DO send these things out.. NORMALLY every time i have seen them, is via EMAIL, via the primary email associated with your account.
I dont THINK they would do it via TEXT.


What # is the text message from?
And did it have a LINK or anything it wanted you to follow?

I am THINKING maybe a phishing email?