suspended internet service, really need HELP

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suspended internet service, really need HELP

Hi, all


I suspended my internet service, I do not have any bundle. 

and I've been told that I only need to pay $5 per month


at the first month of suspension, Rogers still charge me $45, I called customer service couple times, and I've been transferred to different tiers of customer representatives, the final solution is: I just pay $5.55 for this month, and ignore the rest, and the next month, the system will adjust my bill automatically, there should be no worry at all.


BUT, at the second month, Rogers still charge me $45 dollars with a fine from last month bill due to unpaid amount ($39 roughly).


Can someone working at Rogers really help me solve this problem!!! 


I will feel extremely appreciated!! if someone can really help me make my bill correct, this thing has bothered me for like 2 months already!!




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Re: suspended internet service, really need HELP

While there are some reps on here, they are not always around :(. They would be the only ones who can look at your account.

Best way for imediate contact us via phone.

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Re: suspended internet service, really need HELP


Hi @aboluo1981 


Were you able to get assistance with your Internet suspension billing concern?


Let us know if you need any further assistance!